My Story

I have always been a go-getter, an over achiever, and because of this, I allowed the stress of trying to be everything for everybody, that I became so over-welmed that at one point I thought about suicide.  It was at that time that I re-discovered my faith and accepted my characteristics as my gift and I learned how to categorize my life and develop a healthy work, life, balance.  With everything that I had been through, I thought this is not what GOD said life was supposed to be and if I could just help one person, then my Destiny would be fulfilled.  It was at this time that I discovered that it is my mission and part of my Destiny, to help others, to engage, empower, and educate other women so that they to can Design Their Destiny and live the life that GOD has promised.

My Philosophy

It is my belief that you too can have the life that was promised to you and you can Design Your Destiny.  No matter what your path has been, the things that you have been through, you can come out on the other side.

-Commit your works to the Lord and your plans will be established-

Proverbs 16:3

Next Steps...

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