I am a two time award winning Author.  I choose to first write in compilations and tell some of my testimony in the season of my life that it happened to help others.  In "Restored By The Pen" I speak of my season of Chaos and how I re-discovered my Faith, hence my expertise with Work, Life, Balance.  In my second compilation "When A Woman's Fed Up" I speak about Domestic Violence and how to come out on the other side.


After all my life's trials and tribulations, I have the experience, and education to Coach you to Design Your Destiny.  I have also developed a top of line coaching program that no matter where you are in life, you will fit in, and be able to get to where you want to go.


I am currently in rotation to speak and/or facilitate workshops for Dress for Success specializing in Time Management and Work Life Balance, and now a new class: Workplace Communication.  With my background, I am able to bring a new perspective, and encourage you that there is something better, empower and inspire those in attendance to be successful and a better version of themselves.

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Whether you want to improve your life or situation.  If you want to become a Published Author.  If you want to Triumph over your Trials and Takeover your life, your career, your relationship, or just want someone to have your back, push you, encourage you, empower you, and educate you.  You are at the right place! Contact us so we can design the best program for you.

Triumph & Takeover

YES! This statement is true..."I was given this fight to help others Design Their Destiny" Allow my testimony assist you with your Triumph and Takeover.  Enroll in the "Design Your Destiny" program today! We're going to walk to the other side together.

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